Lemon Crush had delivered a couple of successful CD's during the 90's.
CD's that where released in England, France, Italy and Japan.
Also Lemon Crush has opened for great Rock acts like Saxon and the Scorpions.
Still... that was then... times have changed and Lemon Crush changed too.
After a few years the band is ready for a new adventure, with new members and a new sound!

Tom: Guitar
Nop: Drums
Jean Marie: Vocals
Nick*: Bas & Backing vocals

Because of the fact that the names Tom & Ton are sounding very similar, was decided that the newest member should have a "nick"name.



The extended story:

Initially founded in 1990, Lemon Crush's rock music has been heard over Holland for 20 years now. .... Boasting 2 very different periods, the band seems to have found calmer waters again. After having recorded a few successful demo tapes in the early nineties, the band was picked up by a new label, interested in shifting toward the rock oriented market. .... The first album:"Something in the Water" was released in 1996 to mild success selling in access of 1, 500 copies. Even a listing for the initial single, the title track, was achieved and nationwide airplay was reached through the national radio station. ....

A successful tour of Holland was done and after that the 5 piece band embarked for another round in the studio. 1997 marked the release of the much more dark and grim "$elfish". Solidly cemented in its timeframe musically, the album did moderately well, and saw a Japanese release just as its predecessor did. More touring followed and 2 years later another album was recorded. "Hybrid Life" was released but didn't have the impact the band had hoped for. Vocalist Jacko K. left to pursue another musical career after which bass player Ed B. and guitarist Nico B. chose to spend more time with their families and left the band.

In it's time the band played over 250 shows and successfully recorded and released 3 albums and 3 singles. .... Long-time producer and friend Gordon Groothedde went on and started a very successful career in producing some of the Netherlands' top acts. In 2000 a new vocalist, Paulus, joined and new material was penned and rehearsed.

The band decided to take matters into their own hand and 2002 saw the release of “An Exercise in Wide Varieties..." on its own merits. Self recorded, produced and mixed this was a cdr-only release. .... Following this Ron Valeri (bass) joined the band and even more new material was written. Again self recorded and produced, "Refined" was again released as a cdr-only release in 2005. After Paulus' departure in 2007, Jean Marie Tournier was asked to join, resulting in the new line-up currently active. This current line up has just written a slew of songs and demoed them. .... Results can be heard on this page. These songs, written by Tom, with lyrical content from Tournier, are more compact and less radio orientated than LC used to be.

The large vocal sounds that marked earlier releases, are largely gone and replaced by concise song writing, compact and riff oriented rock music. The adventurous bass lines of Valeri added interesting textures and harmonics to the equation while Tournier's original vocal lines are giving the songs just that little bit of extra. ..In September '09, Nick joined the band to take over the empty space Ron Valeri has left. ....